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[H]ardBASS - Precision engineering, Born in Brooklyn


Mission Statement

Born in Brooklyn, we are dedicated to the precise expression of larger-than-life, BASS-oriented sound reinforcement. We create premium products that deliver the experience our customers expect from our name, [H]ardBASS.


[H]ardBASS HQ is located in Downtown Brooklyn, at 200 Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Share your ideas

We highly encourage you to share your ideas on our equipment.
You will find a Share button at the end of every product page.
Click it, share it, and discuss with your friends.

Contact us

We love hearing from our customers! Requests for more information can be made via the contact box below.

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Where to Buy

Please see our Dealers page to inquire about Distribution and Retail outlets in your area.
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