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HDR Tour-Grade 3000W 15" Active Speaker

The Ultimate​ Speaker

The [H]ardBASS HDR is our top-of-the-line, Tour-Grade 15" Active Speaker.
Enjoy 135dB SPL of clean sound with deep bass extension.
Bluetooth Audio is provided by a Cambridge Silicon Research (CSR/Qualcomm) chipset for ultimate quality and convenience.
Come feel the power of [H]ardBASS.

"Amazing Clean Sound, impressive deep bass extension"



- Jared, DJ 12/6/17

HDR, the new standard.

  • Tour-Grade 3000W built-in amplifier with ultra-modern Class-D technology
  • Premium grade components tuned with Built-in DSP
  • Maximum output of 135dB SPL

More Power

Our revolutionary Tour-Grade built-in amplifier produces 3000 Watts of clean Power.

The HDR uses a Built-in DSP to control the Active Electronic Crossover (Bi-Amp), Component Optimization and System-selectable Equalization.

Each component has been tuned and aligned to produce studio-perfect sound quality at Tour-Grade SPL levels.

Bluetooth Audio provided by a Cambridge Silicon Research (CSR) / Qualcomm chipset for the ultimate in Sound Quality and convenience.

Heavy on Performance, light on your wallet.

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