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[H]ardBASS R3000.1 / 3K Monoblock Car Amplifier

R30001 (3)
R30001 (4)
R30001 (1)
R30001 (6)

"The R3000/R5000 Monoblocks deliver BASS performance with better tone than any other Amp on the market.

- Dwayne, Car audio dealer and Installer

A New Era of Performance

  • 3000W Power rating (120A Fuse rating)
  • Monoblock Car Amplifier with 3K Power rating
  • Made to deliver BASS performance with unrivaled tone.

Full Control over your system

  • HD Signal Processing to perfectly tune your system
  • Low Pass Filter (LPF) adjustable from 30Hz to 250Hz
  • Subsonic Filter adjustable from 10Hz to 60Hz
  • Bass-Boost @ 45Hz adjustable from 0dB (off) to +12dB.
  • Phase Shift adjustable from 0° to 180°

Legendary Build Quality

  • Premium materials and components made in a state-of-the-art South Korean facility.
  • 7g/mm heatsink with anodized cooling surface for cool-to-touch operation
  • Bass Remote included


Heavy on Performance, light on your wallet

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