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HD-Stack Tour-Grade 3-Way Active Speaker System


The Ultimate​ System

The [H]ardBASS HD-Stack is our top-of-the-line, Tour-Grade Active Speaker System.
Feel all of its 138dB SPL of immersive sound resonate within your core.
All this performance is packed into an amazingly compact footprint of just 18-inches by 22 inches.
Come feel the power of [H]ardBASS.

"The HD-Stack creates pure, powerful, naturaI sound reinforcement.

I heard and felt depth and realism in music that I haven't gotten from other speaker manufacturers"

- Blake, DJ 21/2/22


Full Spectrum Bliss

The  [H]ardBASS HD-Stack is a plug and play, Tour-Grade Active 3-Way Loudspeaker system.

The perfect alignment of the 15" Neodymium Full-Range cabinet and the 18" Subwoofer cabinet allows for seamless integration throughout the entire frequency range.

The entire system has been DSP-Tuned from the factory for the most linear, most stable, most impactful audio response.

The Stack allows anyone to deploy and deliver a world class experience at any venue.

Clean, Lavish Power

2 Very powerful amplifiers drive the HDSTACK.

The Full-Range cabinet features a 3000W Class-D Bi-amp to finess the RESPONSIVE Neodymium 15" Mid-Woofer and the HUGE 1.4"-exit HF compression driver.
The subwoofer features a 3600-Watt Module that rocks a MASSIVE 4" copper inside/outside voice coil on the 18" Subwoofer transducer.
All that power is controlled by an intelligent DSP processor that has been factory-tuned to ensure everything comes out smooth, loud, clear and safe!

So simple, so deadly

[H]ardBASS HDSTACK is a concentrated powerhouse that can be transported easily within most vehicles with minimal manpower. 

Deployment is simple, just STACK the TOP in place upon the SUB, connect power and signal and STAND BACK. 


Everywhere in the crowd, the experience was the same, dreamy clarity and sheer SPL.
The DEEP BASS heard infront the STACK was the same BASS heard from a block away. The HDSTACK is nothing short of ASTOUNDING!

-  D. Hyde, Sound Engineer 7/4/22

Built like a tank

The HDSTACK is built to exacting standards.
Designed to withstand abuse. From its SOLID birch construction,
signature-grey TOUGHENED coating,
PROTECTIVE steel grills. every bolt and nut torqued to spec.

All components rigorously tested in the harshest conditions. Don't stress,  just play!

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