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HDR-SUB Tour-Grade 3600W 18" Active Subwoofer

The Ultimate​ Subwoofer

The [H]ardBASS HDR-SUB is our top-of-the-line, Tour-Grade 18" Powered Subwoofer.
Enjoy 136dB SPL of solid, deep bass extension.
Let the bass move you to new levels of pleasure. Let it make you feel good, inside.
Come feel the power of [H]ardBASS.

"I can feel it. I feel the BASS, deep inside me. It feels good"



- Emily, DJ enthusiast 5/17/17

HDR, the new standard.

  • Tour-Grade 3600W built-in amplifier with ultra-modern Class-D technology
  • Premium 18" Subwoofer with 4" Inside/Outside voice coil
  • Tuned low for the ultimate deep, wide-bandwidth bass response

More Power

Our revolutionary Tour-Grade built-in amplifier produces 3600 Watts of clean Power.

Premium Subwoofer

The HDR-SUB uses a Tour-Grade 18" Subwoofer with 4" Inside/Outside voice coil, Dual Spider Suspension and Triple-Roll surround

Tuned Low

Loudspeaker suspension and cabinet tuned low for the ultimate deep, wide-bandwidth bass response

Heavy on Performance, light on your wallet.

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