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[H]ardBASS "Roughneck" R2000.4 Car Amplifier

80A Fuse

"The "Roughneck" delivers a solid performing car amp at a price everyone can afford."


- Dwayne, Car audio dealer and Installer

Class-Leading Performance

  • 2000W Power rating (80A Fuse rating)
  • 4-channel Car Amplifier with Bridge mode
  • Made to power a full car audio install with solid BASS performance

Built for everything

  • Crossover with adjustable Low Pass, High Pass or Full range Filtering
  • High Pass Filter (HPF) adjustable from 50Hz to 1.2KHz
  • Low Pass Filter (LPF) adjustable from 50Hz to 200Hz
  • Bass Boost at 0dB, +6dB or +12dB at 45Hz

Roughneck Strength

  • Easily handles 4 ohm BASS speakers on Bridge/Subwoofer mode
  • Thermal protection for excessive gain or mismatched loads
  • All metal chassis for efficient heat dissipation


  • Specification Sheet: R2000.4 (PDF)

Heavy on Performance, light on your wallet

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