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[H]ardBASS Ai8 Compact Analog Mixing Console

Versatile Compact Mixer to improve performance and enhance convenience on Active Loudspeaker systems

Improved Performance

  • Very Strong Output to connected Active Loudspeakers or Power Amplifiers
  • Studio-grade, High-performance, Low-noise discrete Mic Preamps
  • Ideal for boosting laptops and mobile devices into Pro Audio signal chains

Essential Features

  • Recording, Bluetooth and MP3 playback with volume control fader
  • USB I/O for Playback, Streaming or Recording
  • Beautiful Digital Effects including very pleasing Echo and Reverb modes

Enhanced Convenience

  • Compact control center for your Active Loudspeakers
  • Faders for profound Tactile adjustment of all inputs and outputs
  • Monitoring display including Pre-Fader Listen (PFL) send on each channel

Heavy on Performance, light on your wallet

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