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[H]ardBASS Audio Cables


"They sound as good as they look, and they look damn good"


- SoundReview Newsletter 6/7/15

[H]ardBASS Audio Cable Features

  • Premium build quality, pure OFC audio cables with twisted wire construction
  • Freshness-lock individual blister packaging

Modern Design

  • Bass-optimized cable design
  • Reduced head easy-grip RCA plugs for simple connection
  • Slimline 3.5mm connector made for smartphone cases (S35RCA)

Pure OFC conductor

  • Made with Large-guage Pure Copper conductors
  • Oxygen Free (OFC) cable for maximum power transfer to amplifier
  • Freshness-lock with individual blister packaging

Directional Twisted Wire construction

  • Exceptionally well constructed twisted wire for true [H]ardBASS performance

Available Models:

[H]ardBASS Audio Cable

  • Premium Stereo RCA interconnects (3ft to 17ft)
    • SRCA-3
    • SRCA-6
    • SRCA-12
    • SRCA-17
  • Premium Stereo 3.5mm (headphone) to 2RCA cable
    • S35RCA-6

Heavy on Performance, light on your wallet

  • [H]ardBASS has three watchwords: BASS, Performance and Price.
  • Learn about our price advantage.
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